Saturday, January 26, 2013

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goodwill shirt, H&M scarf

 Imagine a piece of rubber slowly melting in the summer heat. Yeah…that is what is slowly occurring to my brain at this very moment I am typing this broken paragraph. I am slowly drifting away from literature and my communication skills turned from barely existing to almost non-existent. Being the lazy teenager I am, spending half my time gaming and dilly dallying, I rarely dedicate my time to reading or writing; thus, my brain is becoming unfamiliar with it. Anyways, I thought writing a blog or re-creating one would help. Although this isn’t my first, I think I’ll focus on writing with this one. Maybe it would help me.  I want to see my writing transition from horrific, choppy, unsophisticated sentences, to words that would just flow off your tongue. To be honest, my vocabulary for my age is just… really sad.