Thursday, June 30, 2011

The endless horizon

Well, besides the accidental melancholy post I’ve created (read below if interested at all) , the little photo I’m holding was taken by me when I ‘had’ photography class during the ‘school’ days. I think it is lovely but my ‘not-a-stoner-teacher-who-use-to-be-in-a-reggae-band’ photography teacher disagrees. So, I went into the dark room and made like 20 copies to hang on my wall, if he doesn’t like it, it doesn’t mean that I can’t make 20 copies for myself to enjoy it.

School is over for about a week now and I have been enjoying this with a nice isolation from the world for about a couple of days. I surround myself with crafts and new developed hobbies. I've decorated my room in order to make the atmosphere more comforting and welcoming for me to be in a room where I can transfer my mind to another parallel universe.
In my mind I’m probably going stir crazy with the minimum of interaction with the outside world, but actually, I’m quite…


  1. love your outfit especially your vest and your top as well :)