Saturday, December 11, 2010


Thrifted Velvet Cardigan ( i actually do not have a proper name for it)

Life lesson, wearing loose shoes + chasing after a bus = not such a great idea.
My life is so boring, it's the same routine i do every single day. I'm doing this new thing called escaping my comfort zone, I think that would really reveal more of myself. Sorry for the updating this blog in awhile, I did not realize that until I went back on my blog to see that I have not updated since November 21th. Don't blame me, blame school and so and so. Holidays are coming up; therefore, more updating going on + gaining weight, that's my number one hobby these days.


  1. great look I'm loving the velvet!! My hair is naturally wavy and I curl it because I love curly hair!


    Kisses from Paris~

  2. so girly and cute, i love when outfit is simple,oh and great watch. omg, everything is awesome
    visit my blog, pleease

  3. haha, it's great how you also have a video portion to your outfit. i wish all fashion bloggers did this too

  4. Great blog:)

  5. love your velvet cardi~! and you're right, i can't get away from colours, it's too hard!

    thanks for visiting my blog! merry xmas <3

  6. Great outfit, this belt is admirable!